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"Ruchama Alter is a terrific tour guide. She not only is always prepared, she also has a great sense of her audience and can immediately adjust the trip to suit the participants. She has excellent suggestions for tiyulim including some that are off the beaten path. Ruchama's planning is always meticulous, and her trips are always organized with a a clear understanding of the time involved in every part of the program. She is a rare combination of a great planner as well as a fascinating and knowledgeable speaker. Grab her for your next trip!"

Shonny Solow
Dean, Machon Gold

"Touring Israel with Shulie means the experience will not only be fun, but educational, intellectual, exciting, and extremely meaningful - you'll also laugh a lot! Traveling with Shulie means traveling in time- the experience transports you back to when it all happened. Once when we visited The City of David, Shulie gave us a tremendous amount of background leading up to what we were about to see. She explained the culture at the time so that we would better understand the excavations and discoveries. Any questions that were raised were answered with not only knowledge and accuracy, but common sense as well -all contributing to a full and well-rounded experience."

Rachel Saff