As guides, we have experienced the power of all-women's travel groups. Traveling together, women are free to explore who they are, and why they have come to Israel. The opportunities for study, conversation, relaxation and enjoyment are boundless. The connections women make with each other on such a trip, whether or not they already know each other from home, are a unique bonus. With guides who are themselves educated women, the trip can reach its utmost potential.

We offer anything from a one-day experience to a full ten-day (or more) tour. The possibilities are endless and your trip will be specifically tailored to your group. We will take care of all land arrangements, giving you a package cost. Some suggestions:

In the Footsteps of... The Sages explained that there is no Torah like that studied in the Land of Israel. Any Jewish subject being taught in your synagogue or learning group can be enriched by a visit to the place where it all began. We will visit Biblical sites, study the Mishnah where it was first taught and written, and understand Jewish history by learning it in its true context. Lectures and presentations from the plethora of women teaching in Israel today will open a window into learning, Israeli style.

Pioneering Women (and Men) The last one hundred and fifty years have been a time of immense change and growth in the land of Israel. We will follow the personalities who made the journey from the Diaspora to Israel to create a new society and see what their challenges were, socially, militarily and culturally. From the pioneering kibbutzim in the Jezreel Valley to the fighters of the Palmach, we will travel back in time to the birth of Zionism and Israel, as well as examine society today and see what has changed since those early days.

"Words can not express how happy I am that we found you to be our tour guide for our trip to Israel. I could not have hoped for anyone better. You taught us all so much on so many different levels. I went into this trip with mixed emotions of what I wanted to accomplish. I wanted to see the land, I wanted to learn some history and understand the backgrounds of the major sights, I wanted to get a feel for the layout of the land, I wanted to glimpse at neighborhoods where people move to when they make Aliyah, and I also wanted to have a vacation where the kids would have a good time, we would have time to relax and we would be able to enjoy eating out and shopping in Israel. Incredibly you helped us fit ALL of these elements into our trip and make it a truly AMAZING and OUTSTANDING trip."

Jessica Weiss

And Gather Us Together An anthropological tour that is also an emotional journey. From the Indian Jews of Kochin to the Ethiopians to the Kurds, every ethnic Jewish group has its traditions, foods, music and lore. The richness of their cultures creates the "chulent" which is modern Israeli society.

The Discerning Palate No longer only the land of felafel and hummous, in the last decade there has been an explosion in gourmet dining in Israel. We will travel the country exploring culinary options and add some depth to our tour by learning how food was prepared in the time of the Bible. We'll take off some of the pounds at a spa deep in the Carmel Mountain. And its all kosher too!

Renaissance Woman Israel has some of the most sophisticated and interesting cultural offerings in the world. Bauhaus buildings in Tel Aviv, ancient instruments in Jerusalem, Kabbalistic artists in Tzfat: only in Israel can these things be found. Lectures from leading experts in their fields will enhance our understanding.

Women for Women From the Zionist pioneers to Golda Meir, Israel has produced women who are unafraid to lead. We will meet the outspoken public figures as well as the passionate private leaders who shape Israeli society in the fields of medicine, politics, charity, journalism and many other areas. We will also spend time with women from across the Israeli spectrum -- Beduin, chareidim, single mothers -- and learn how they cope with the challenges they face.

"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of Bet Kenesset Mitzpeh Ramot for the 2 tours you led for us, to the Southern Wall excavations and to the City of David. Your impressive knowledge of the history, both biblical and secular, put familiar names of people and places and events into a perspective that many of us never appreciated before. Your enthusiasm and love for the Land of Israel and your chosen profession were evident and your patience, poise and clarity in answering every and any question encouraged participation which always enhances any outing. Whether a question was posed by someone with a strong background or by someone with less knowledge, you responded to it with the same respect and courtesy."

Thank you and Yasher Koach,

Jane Kramer
Co-Chair, Committee for Educational and Social Events
Bet Kenesset Mitzpeh Ramot

Healing Waters The fields of alternative medicine and health are growing in popularity in Israel. We are also at the forefront of conventional medical technology. On this tour, we will follow traditional and New Age healers in the Galilee, spend a day at the Weizmann Institute hearing about medical breakthroughs, learn about organic farming and eat its products. To finish off, we will heal ourselves at one of the beautiful new spas that have opened up recently.

A World of Kindness A week of volunteering as well as meeting the extraordinary personalities behind the charity networks. Our mornings will be devoted to activities surrounding the rich volunteer culture in Israel, including working in soup kitchens, serving in the army, painting apartments for the elderly and meeting with the people who run gemachim (voluntary aid societies). Our afternoons will be spent doing tours united by a common theme chosen from a range of possibilities.