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Tzofiah Tours presents our latest tour for women: Achayot BaRuach: Sisters in Spirit. Please join us!
February 14 to February 22 2010: Save the dates! Achayot BaRuach is a tour for women that combines spiritual, cultural and historical aspects of the land and state of Israel. We will visit Tzfat and meet the unique Jewish artists who live there, delve into the history of Jerusalem, volunteer and help do tikkun olam and be pampered along the way. Join us for this exciting adventure! Program open to women only. For more information and to register please contact us.

Our successful Summer Teachers Institute, The Sages and Their World, received rave reviews:

I am writing to express my appreciation for the outstanding program that you conducted for the Jewish educators who were learning at Midreshet Lindenbaum this past summer. From my perspective, the program even exceeded our expectations. The participants were unanimous in their excitement over the quality of the learning that took place bashetach. They came away with an appreciation for the degree to which knowledge of the Land of Israel enhances our understanding of the text, and our understanding of the text enhances our appreciation of the land. In addition, they acquired a thorough understanding of the history of Jerusalem, the functioning of the Beit Hamikdash, and the various reactions to its destruction. This knowledge has direct applications in their classrooms, be it in the teaching of Torah, Navi, or Jewish history.

I have been trying for years to find tours for educators that combine touring the land with serious textual study. In my previous experience, to my chagrin, the touring component usually dominated, resulting in learning on a superficial level. Your integration of the touring and text components was perfect. They were implemented on a high academic level, and with integrity. This is due in large part to the knowledge of the land and the text that you and Ruchama possess, and your sensitivity to the needs of Diaspora educators.

I hope that we will be able to collaborate in the future on similar programs for educators in which we can explore new areas of our land and new levels of understanding of our classical texts. Best wishes for continued success.

Stanley Peerless Director, Midreshet Lindenbaum Educators Program

Bat Mitzvah Preparation and Celebration
A bat mitzvah offers an opportunity for a young woman to explore Israel, Jewish texts and herself. What we at Tzofiah Tours try to do is to learn certain units, or chapters, with the bat mitzvah girl, both to involve her as well as to make the bat mitzvah day more meaningful. After choosing a focal point, whether it is a specific site, something the bat mitzvah girl is learning in school or just something she always wanted to study, we prepare material, learn together, answer questions, discuss, and put together a final presentation, in whatever medium she chooses.This can mean that she guides part of the tour herself, puts on a play, creates a piece of art, a song or a game.

In addition, a bat mitzvah celebration should be fun! We offer components such as: Please contact us as soon as you have a date in mind so that together we can create the perfect bat mitzvah program for you and your daughter.

Educating the Educators
Jewish educators, we can plan a tour that focuses on your curriculum and gives you fascinating material to use in your Tanakh, Mishna, Jewish History and Zionism classes!